Straight Answers

Don’t let smoke and mirrors contaminate your cleanroom
construction process.

Your Roadmap to the ‘Right Stuff’ Contractor

Q: What’s the best measure of a construction company?
A: A straight answer.

The next question is, how can you make sure you’re getting straight answers when you’re interviewing contractors for a building project? After all, the selection process is so complicated that it’s easy for even the most sophisticated, experienced decision-maker to have a blind spot or two. That’s why every decision-maker should have a copy of Straight Answers to the 20 Questions Building Contractors Hope You’ll Never Ask by Blake Hodess, the president of Hodess Cleanroom Construction, a division of Hodess Construction Corporation.

Blake has pooled the wisdom from interviewing dozens of owners to focus on the 20 critical questions that decision-makers should ask, along with some time-tested straight answers to these questions.

Straight Answers provides a valuable, insider’s guide to the decision-making process. It serves as a handy, real-world, pre-decision checklist to help you avoid all the headaches and financial woes you can get when you hire the not-quite-right contractor. And it can help ensure that you ask the right questions—and get the right answers—so you end up with the right contractor for your project.

Sample Straight Answers

The full ebook is available on Amazon or iBooks, but you can sample the first three chapters here.