Cleanroom Consulting & Engineering


Hodess provides cleanroom consulting services prior to design that are unparalleled. Our main objective is to provide you with the approach that best fits you, your process, and your product.

We work with you to create an all-in-one program, with the architect and engineer working directly for Hodess. This allows them to answer to Hodess to benefit the owner. We believe this benefits the owner in multiple ways.

  1. We will hire the right design team for your project. For example, if the project is pharmaceutical, we will pick a team with a vast pharmaceutical background as experts who will help us uphold the highest pharmaceutical cleanroom technology standards.
  2. We have created long standing relationships with many different architects and cleanroom engineers throughout the country. We can answer their questions quickly, and they in turn can provide us with the cleanroom design that we believe best fits your project.
  3. We question everything for you, in order for the owner to get objective, reliable input early on. We want to find you the better, more cost effective ideas early on, and we will work to get them.
  4. We allow you to focus on your normal job with the confidence that our cleanroom management team takes care of your construction program properly.