What We Do


Comprehensive Construction Company

HCC is a comprehensive cleanroom construction company that offers a number of services to help facilitate the complex process of high-tech cleanroom technology construction.

Services to Meet Every Need

Delivery Methods

Cleanroom Construction Management Services

We assume the role of contractor, taking full control of the project from a construction perspective, to ensure that your needs are met, and the instructions of the owner or building team are carried out.

Cleanroom construction management services are provided for a fee, on a no-risk basis, while the cleanroom design and contracting phases of the project are handled in traditional design-bid-build sequences.

We are well-versed in: “At Risk”, Design-Build CM, CM/GC, etc. Whichever role we assume, our first priority is to always act on the behalf of your best interests, using only the most effective and proactive management techniques.

Cleanroom Design and Build Services

We excel at design/build, and recommend this cleanroom construction method to many clients because of the effectiveness in maximizing both resources and results. In a design/build project, the company works closely with an independent design firm specializing in your field. Hodess selects designers who understand your needs, but will never allow budget restrictions to preempt good cleanroom design requirements.

Our cleanroom project managers are experts in managing the cleanroom design process, and have developed a comprehensive system of checks and balances to keep projects on track, without the need for costly redesigns. The streamlined construction process results in a project that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations under our cleanroom management.

Computerized Estimating

HCC provides you with the most accurate, on-target cost estimates by monitoring and accessing up-to-the-minute market information, as well as effectively utilizing our comprehensive, historical data files. Our on screen take-off system allows us to develop detailed conceptual estimates with great accuracy, and to graphically show you our concept.

Construction Supervision

We take an active role in trade coordination, schedule and safety issues. This proactive approach helps our cleanroom project managers deal with challenges before they become problems. Throughout the cleanroom construction process, we encourage clear and open communication between all team members, and we keep you informed on developments as they occur.

Cleanroom Management

Our experience and cleanroom management skills allow us to supervise multiple projects on a single site, as well as coordinate cleanroom construction in several locations. On projects of every scope and size, we consolidate numerous subcontractors, consultants, etc. into an effective and productive team.

Purchasing & Cost Control

Controlled purchasing, cost accounting, and analysis are just a few of the ways in which we ensure that you get the most for your cleanroom construction dollars. We offer value cleanroom engineering, to provide suggestions and identify ways to achieve additional cost savings without compromising quality of workmanship.


HCC works closely with you as well as other construction team members. We establish a project schedule that incorporates all project-related activities, and our cleanroom project managers monitor and maintain the schedule to meet or beat your target date of completion.

General Contracting

Hodess Cleanroom Construction offers flexible general contracts, from lump-sum bid to negotiated general contracts with a guaranteed maximum price.

Cleanroom Consulting/Partnering

This delivery method offers most of the benefits of cleanroom design-build construction, as well as provides an open forum for effective relationship and project management.

Hodess enjoys forming committed partnering programs with clients, and recommends this delivery method to clients who are involved in continuous construction/renovations, or who have large in-house engineering staffs.

Team Build

This popular method combines three traditional entities—Owner, Architect and Builder, into a team without any formal partnering agreement. Hodess has found team cleanroom construction to be a very successful delivery method when a client with a trusted cleanroom designer needs a contractor to enter the construction process before final documents are drawn up. This method helps to form and develop the construction program and estimate costs. We emphasize the importance of building a strong, harmonious and successful working relationship.