Hodess Construction


Asking the tough questions.

Finding better answers. Delivering the best cleanroom design and construction solutions. If you were to sit in a meeting with the leaders of HCC, you would quickly sense what sets us apart—and why we are leaders in cleanroom design, cleanroom management and cleanroom construction.

You would hear us relentlessly asking the tough questions — questions other contractors often try to avoid or gloss over. You would hear us come up with better answers for how to get your cleanroom built. Answers that save you time and money without sacrificing quality. Answers others may not have even considered.

And you would see why we can guarantee that we’ll deliver the best cleanroom solution for your situation, requirements, and budget.

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Hodess has focused on and has become a leader in cleanroom design/build, throughout the critical cleanroom environment industry. We create a seamless, single-source, design/build solution to fit your needs.

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Hodess provides unparalleled cleanroom consulting services prior to design. Our main objective is to provide you with the approach that best fits you, your process, and your product.

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Our experience and cleanroom management skills allow us to supervise multiple projects on a single site, as well as coordinate construction in several locations. We consolidate numerous subcontractors, consultants, etc. on projects of every scope and size into an effective and productive team.

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Portfolio of Work

Put our experience to work for you! Hodess focuses on advanced cleanroom technology, including but not limited to, cleanrooms, laboratories and clean spaces. Below we have highlighted four of our latest projects. Click here for our portfolio page to view more examples of our work.